Remote control your home climate using your PC or phone


The system allows its users to monitor and manage climate in non-industrial buildings and spaces (such as offices, restaurants, and residential buildings)using their computers or mobile devices. The users receive data from the climate sensors connected to the system, and are able to manually manage temperature, humidity, or ventilation settings, as well as to create a schedule for climate control equipment — all without having to be physically present in the building whose climate they want to change. The system also identifies and shows the location of blocked filters, thermostats that are connected incorrectly, and other issues that need to be taken care of so that the climate control system can function in full capacity. The system also employs precautionary measures, so if there is, for example, a sudden increase in ventilation activity, a thermostat switches on automatically.

Client`s location

Kyiv, Ukraine

Redentu Team

3 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Project Manager


October 2015 - February 2016

The Solution

We started with the analysis of how the system worked and realized that it wasn’t very stable. What’s more, using it to monitor and manage climate settings was inconvenient and not user-friendly. Once we got the main requirements from the client, we built a prototype of the new system following user-centered design principles and taking special features of climate control equipment into consideration. In the end, we were able to deliver a website and a mobile application that both offered a much better user experience.

Analytics & UX design