Remote control of power using and climate control​. Industrial building automation system.


The system allows its users to monitor and manage climate in industrial and residential buildings, including ventilation and air conditioning, heating and cooling, power supply and consumption, lighting, water supply and sewerage, smoke outlets, and fire prevention mechanisms. Using your computer, you can manually set the desired climate parameters, or create a schedule for climate control equipment that would, for instance, automatically change the lighting mode at certain hours. There is also a mobile app that allows you to monitor the climate control systems so that when, for example, an air filter gets blocked, you can see its exact location and mark the time when a member of staff notices the problem and starts solving it.

Client`s location

Kyiv, Ukraine

Redentu Team

2 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Project Manager


October 2015 - February 2016

The solution

We conducted a thorough analysis of how the system works and used the insights to create a company website and a demo of climate control and management at a real plant. We researched the company’s competitors and used human-oriented design principles to create a prototype of the new interface. Having gone through a series of tests, we implemented the new design and added it to the system.

It was

Analytics & UX design