Night School

Area for coaches where they can organize programs and conduct their training​


The startup’s aim is to build a convenient online platform where coaches can create educational programs and conduct lectures, and users can easily find the right coach or course and learn in a hassle-free way. The coaches can use NightSchool to create schedules, set deadlines, share educational materials, host videoconferences, and communicate with their students all in one place, while their students receive notifications about course events and have the opportunity to view them in their learning calendars.

Client`s location

Tel Aviv, Israel

Redentu Team

5 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Project Manager


October 2015 - February 2016

The Solution

To make sure the website is easy to use for coaches and learners alike, we started with the analysis of the platform’s target audience, and created personas to represent the different types of users that might use the website, which is one of the key stages in user-centered design. This helped us understand what the future users could want from the website, and after a series of usability tests, we were able to deliver an extremely user-friendly interface for both the coaches and the learners.