Mind Hour

Gamified E-Learning Portal


Mindhour is an innovative online education platform for students that transforms school curriculum into an exciting and rewarding learning process with game elements. Learners earn points by completing various activities on the website, like watching a video or answering questions. They can then redeem their points at the gift store as coupons or actual gifts delivered to their doorstep. Learners are also encouraged to compete with their friends for the highest rank in the leaderboard, and receive badges for various learning achievements.

Our task was to completely revamp the user experience of the platform, and to create an easy-to-navigate design that both learners and their parents would enjoy.

Client`s location

Kolkata, India

Redentu Team

4 Engineers
1 Project Manager
1 UX Designer
1 UI Designer


January 2017 - May 2017

The solution

We started by running a detailed audit of the platform and creating product documentation. Based on the information we collected, it was very clear that Mindhour was difficult to navigate, and its features were unclear to the users. The platform didn’t incorporate the needs and interests of its target audience, and the overall information architecture was quite chaotic. We drastically improved Mindhour’s UX and used the Vue.js framework too keep it interactive yet simple.

It was

Analytics & UX design