App which helps people to find someone with same interests and have fun


Keeper is a mobile application that connects people with similar interests. The user searches and pulls online content that they feel best represents their views on the following five categories: sense of humor, life attitude, activities/interests, family, and empathy. Next, they are prompted to look at other people’s profiles. If they enjoy the content they see, they swipe right, and if they don’t find it funny or interesting, they swipe left. When two users like each other’s content in the same category, they both get to learn more about each other.

Client`s location

Seattle USA

Redentu Team

1 Project Manager
1 UX Designer


January 2017

The solution

We developed information and navigation architecture during the discovery stage with the help of mind maps, use cases, flows, and user journey maps. We then created a low fidelity prototype, ran a few tests on it, fixed the issues that occurred, and built a high fidelity prototype. As a result, we were able to deliver an incredibly user-friendly product.