Investment Group CRM

Work optimization hundreds of employees and external partners.​


The client had a massive and completely unstructured flow of leads coming from three different sources. As a result, it was getting increasingly difficult to keep track of leads and reward those who brought them. Communication between different departments within the company was another major pain point, especially when a case was transferred from one department to another one.

Now, with the new CRM system in place, the staff can easily create a new case, add documents to it, and forward it to the Legal Department for further processing. The system automatically creates a task with a detailed description and assigns it to the least busy Legal Department employee, or to the one mentioned in the task.

The staff can communicate through the system, and the managers can use it to oversee the work progress of their teams. What’s more, the system comes with powerful reporting capabilities.

Client`s location

Munich, Germany

Redentu Team

4 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Bussines Analyst
1 Product Manager


December 2015 - April 2016

The Solution

Having analyzed the business processes, we created a visualization of the flow of leads from the moment they come to the company to the moment they are closed.
There are: 3 roles who add leads to the system 4 roles who work with leads until they are closed 2 roles who administer the system 13 access points within the system.
We were able to deliver a user-friendly CRM system that streamlined the work of about 150 company employees from different departments, as well as hundreds of external partners.