Fascinating Journey

Mobile app "Fascinating Journey"


Fascinating Journey is a mobile application that guides you all the way from your home to the airport terminal. When launched, the app checks your location and asks you how you want to get to the airport. It then calculates the amount of time your journey will take depending on the type of transportation you choose, and, if you decide to go by taxi, adds a reminder so that you don’t forget to call it beforehand. When you are close to the airport, the app displays your terminal number. When you step inside the airport, it shows a big red arrow that helps you find your check-in desk, and then leads you all the way to the terminal, while also prompting you to move faster if you are running late, or letting you know you are going to arrive just on time.

Client`s location

London, GB

Redentu Team

1 Project Manager
1 Designer


October 2016

The solution

We ran the discovery stage to identify user needs and technological limitations, and to research competitors. We proceeded to create a prototype of the new interface using the principles of human-oriented design. A series of usability tests exposed a number of issues, which were fixed, and the final UI design was completed.