Delicious House

The ability to accept people for dinner at home for a fee


The idea behind this startup is to create a platform for people willing to host dinners in exchange for compensation. Anyone who wants to host a dinner has to upload photos of their apartment or house where they are planning to invite guests, provide a list of meals that will be served, specify the number of guests they can accept, and set a price each guest will have to pay for the dinner.

Both guests and hosts have personal profiles that feature event histories and reviews. Guests have the opportunity to follow hosts to keep track of new events.

Client`s location

New York, USA

Redentu Team

3 Engineers
1 Designer
1 Project Manager


February 2016 - Juli 2016

The Solution

We created an extremely convenient booking system so that guests can get all the necessary information about dinners very fast, and register for an interesting in only a few clicks. The main goal we managed to achieve was that we created a kind of service that would have hosts and guests alike want to use the platform again, and share their experience with their friends and families.